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Our competencies

  • Embedded Software in C
  • Control and automation Software, with specialisation in:
    • Brushless DC motors
    • Electrohydraulic systems
    • Robotic arms
  • High level software in C++ , Java, Python, Bash Shell scripting
  • CAN, CCP, XCP, FlexRay, AUTOSAR Components, MISRA C, EGAS, ISO26262, ASIL compliance
  • Industrial Fieldbus Systems - Ethercat
  • Real-Time Linux for industrial control, VxWorks
  • Tessy Unit Tests, HIL scripting and testing
  • Matlab, Simulink, Labview, Vector- and EB- tools (CANape, CANalyser, INCA etc.)
  • Altova tools, Enterprise Architect
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