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Our vision

Our vision is a top of the line customer-oriented Software Development House, that combines experience & young spirit forming a reliable,cost-aware & flexible near shore alternative for our customers and partners.

We intend to empower our customer through our top technical qualification, flexibility, high availability and sense of responsibility.

We wish to start collaborations with low-risk / low-volume pilot projects which will build up the necessary trust factor to the level that further engagement and deeper involvement in our customer's universe can happen with minimal mutual risks.

Our status

Kenotom P.C. launched officially in Q4 2014 and we are currently a team of 37 employees, the majority of which are engineers. We implement agile methodology, flat hierarchy & hands-on approach targeting to ramp up to 50 employees in a five year time span. Be among our first partners!

Our definition

We focus on what we are absolutely good at: embedded and control software and we are looking for partnerships in this field. Our broad portfolio enables us to also perform in various additional fields.

We adapt to any given situation and, if necessary, we can cope with high-stress situations meeting demanding challenges.

We have access to a large pool of highly qualified colleagues, who can either long- or short- term support our customers' needs. We clearly distinguish ourselves from headhunting companies, through our hands-on technical leadership, personal involvement in all aspects of the projects and single point of contact & responsibility.

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